Script-Ware | [Paid]

Featuring the most stable execution brought by us, ever. With unmatched speeds, a massive scripting environment as well as general impeccable usability.

From running your scripts to simply writing and editing them, Script-Ware really just works. With all of this firepower comes beautiful memory and power usage management, allowing Script-Ware to perform brilliantly on even older computer systems.

Script-Ware’s interface design pays homage to typical interface designs by providing an all-around intuitive script execution suite, yet reimagines the capabilities that execution interfaces can provide. Made with ease of usability in mind, with features from allowing you to run scripts by simply pressing the image of the script to an entire friends system.
When it comes to a pleasurable experience (and really most other things), nothing beats Script-Ware V2.

Script-Ware offers dozens of settings from customisation to actual modifications of what is and isn’t allowed.
You can entirely turn off our safe mode and experiment with otherwise more dangerous functions to see how they work, entirely hide in-game UI’s from OBS, unlock your in-game FPS to whatever limit you’d like, and many other quirks that other products just don’t offer.

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