Roblox | How to Exploit


This is a step-by-step guide on how to begin exploiting on Roblox. This won't go over anything too advanced; simply the fundamentals of exploiting.

By exploiting on Roblox, you are infringing the Roblox Terms of Service; however, because most exploits go unnoticed, you are unlikely to get banned/terminated. If you don't want to be banned or terminated, you should always try to use an alt account.

How to Exploit:

An exploit is the first item you'll need to exploit on Roblox. Exploits inject code into the Roblox client, allowing them to be used in-game. When downloading a exploit, be cautious and make sure that what you're receiving is safe to avoid getting a virus.

You can find exploits here (paid & free):
If you visit the exploiting section and want a free exploit I would recommend using KNRL. Even though it's free it has a key system.
Additionally, You can also try out the other Free exploits or purchase one of the paid ones

Using / Finding Scripts:
There are many places to find scripts with the best being:
Some people will ask you to download scripts; ensure the scripts you get are .txt files or .lua files; they should never be .exe files.

Using Scripts:

Most paid exploits can execute any script, however, free exploits may struggle and not work or not function as it's meant to.
Most exploits require you to open up Roblox (join a game). Once you are in the game press "Inject" or "attach" (depending on the exploit you are using); once you inject/attach there's usually a space where the script would go. In that space, you would paste the script and press execute.


Extra Information:

All Roblox exploits will be detected as viruses due to the way they inject into Roblox. All of the exploits I just listed are completely safe, you will have to create an exclusion in your antivirus to use the exploits to do that on windows defender check here.