Roblox - Turtle UI Library


Roblox Turtle UI Library


Load library:

local library = loadstring(game:HttpGet(""))()

Add windows:

local window = library:Window("Window")

Add a button:

-- Name of button, callback

window:Button("Button name", function()

   print("pressed button")


Add a toggle:

-- Name of the toggle, default state of the toggle, callback

window:Toggle("Example toggle", true, function(bool)

    print(bool) -- bool is true or false depending on the state of the toggle


Add a color picker:

-- Name, default color (set to true to make the default rainbow), callback

window:ColorPicker("Color Picker", Color3.fromRGB(255, 255, 255), function(color)



Add a slider:

-- Name of slider, minimum value, maximum value, default value, callback

window:Slider("Example Slider",0,100,20, function(value)



Add a label:

-- Text, color: setting color to true will give it a rainbow effect!

window:Label("Credits to Intrer#0421", Color3.fromRGB(127, 143, 166))

Add an input box (aka textbox):

-- Name, callback

window:Box("Walkspeed", function(text, focuslost)

   if focuslost then




-- The callback will be called with two arguments, the text that the player inputted and whether the player has stopped writing

Add a dropdown:

-- Name, table with names of the button that you want, callback that will be called with the name of the button that was pressed

local dropdown = window:Dropdown("Example dropdown", {"Button 1", "Button 2", "Third button"}, function(name)



Add buttons to the dropdown after the fact:

-- Name

dropdown:Button("New button")

Remove buttons from the dropdown after the fact, will warn you if the button doesn't exist:

-- Name


Add a keybind for showing and hiding the UI:

-- Key


Destroy the UI:


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